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the national gallery of greece. a sneak pick before the final restoration

National Gallery of Greece will be ready Summer of 2019

If there is one great achievement that Greece has made and maintained for a long time, it is its cultural and historical heritage. Aside from the multiple museums that are found in Greece, there is also the National Gallery, which is an additional monument, that carries immense Greece cultural and historical material. In essence, this is one of the few places in the country that has preserved ancient items that mark and cement the tremendous historical aspects of the country.

the national gallery of greece. a sneak pick before the final restoration

The magnificent National Gallery of Greece was brought to existence in 1900, hence rendering it among the few places ancient places that narrate the artistic journey of Greece. Interestingly, this Gallery has been in operation for over 100 years now and still on course. It is a gem that Greeks value with their lives. All through its existence, visitors from across the country and the world have been making way there, to have the exceptional experience of the Greek heritage. Others have been profoundly yearning to feel this experience. Indeed, this is a valuable asset to the people of Greece.

the national gallery of greece. a sneak pick before the final restoration

Did you know that the great Gallery of Greece holds more than 20,000 pieces of artwork? Yes! This is how big the gallery is. In fact, a majority of the pieces date back to the ancient time, hence granting visitors the best experience of what Greece was all about in the past. You will be amazed to know that there is not even one replica of the art pieces found in the gallery. All pieces here are original. Aside from the ancient art pieces found here, there are still more others that exhibit the taste of Modern Greek artistic creation. In other words, the gallery brings a blend of both ancient and modern artwork. It is an authentic narration of what Greece used to have and do from the post-Byzantine period and what Greece has today as far as art is concerned.

It has for long been known that Greece is a hub of art. The country is a global contender in art, courtesy of the great Greek artists in the ancient and modern times. The establishment of The National Gallery of Greece was prompted by the need to consolidate ancient and contemporary artwork under one facility, hence granting Greece yet another tourist attraction. Aside from that, there was the need to preserve the heritage of the Greek people from an artistic perspective, hence the existence of this Gallery.

the national gallery of greece. a sneak pick before the final restoration

So, what does the gallery hold? What exactly do you expect to find in the gallery? As earlier noted, there are more than 20,000 art pieces under each category found in this gallery. One of the categories deals with paintings. We all know that Greece has had the most impeccable painters of the ancient times and even in modernity. Here, you have the chance not only to view the paintings, but also embark on an analysis and comparison on what ancient and modern pictures and paintings were all about. You are bound to learn about the materials and paints that were used in the ancient creation of such pieces and compare them with what Greece has today.

Sculptures and engravings are also part of what you are bound to find in the National Gallery of Greece. Just like in the aspect of painting, Greece also has a rich and immense history in the creation of sculptures and engravings. Some of the statues found here represent great images of ancient heroes, figures, and gods. Others are an exhibition of the ancient way of life in Greece.

Under the National Gallery of Greece lies the famous Alexandros Soutsos Museum. This is yet another magnificent monument in Greece whose most of the reservations fall under scholarly materials. Here, visitors are assured of exploring, unearthing, and understanding what Greek Literary work was all about. The museum not only has the great works of Alexandros Soutsos, but also that is other great Greek icons include Zacharias Papantoniou, Marinos Kaligas, and Dimitris Papastamos. All the individuals mentioned above have contributed significantly to the history of Greece. They are regarded as historians, authors, and archaeologists of Ancient Greece. With such and other great names represented in the museum, you can expect nothing but the most prosperous history of the country.

Upon the demise of the great managers of the Alexandros Soutsos Museum in the early years of its establishment, there have been vibrant and able successors who have managed to see the museum grow higher as it retains its traditional taste. Since 1992, this museum has been under the competent and incomparable management of a Greek professor of history, Marina Lambraki-Plaka. Under his watch and that of other great Greek personalities, the museum has been able to offer some of the most impressive exhibitions globally. In essence, this is one of the places where you are bound to visit and go home with inerasable knowledge on the Greek history, especially as far as scholarly aspect is concerned.

the national gallery of greece. a sneak pick before the final restoration

The National Gallery of Greece accommodates both local and international visitors; hence you are free to schedule for a visit there and get to understand the rich history of Greece. You can plan an educational tour with your family or friends, and you have a guarantee of learning more than you ever expected. The National Gallery of Greece- Alexandros Soutzos Museum opens all week long except for Tuesdays. A tour through the National Gallery of Greece is worth a million visits to other places in the world, especially for scholars.

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