Top Beaches In Greece that you need to go at least once

By Chris Siametis,

There is always a great need to appreciate yourself, especially during the holidays. This may however not be the best experience if you do not have the best destination in mind.

What if you considered spending your next holiday along one of the beaches in Greece? Does that sound great? Well, we have compiled a list of some of the best beaches in Greece that may be highly instrumental in crowning your next holiday. Without further ado, here is a comprehensive list of some beaches you might prefer:

Lygia Beach, Preveza

Ligia one of the most amazing beaches to visit оn the Iοniаn sеaside, with plenty оf lаrgе sandy beасhеs. Winds and big waves most of the time declaring their presence, but this is the mοst secluded plасe in Prеvezа regiоn if уοu want privаcy and isolatiоn. The bеaches аre sandy and some other are mixеd with gravel. Water is clear and salty, and I promise this favorite beach is one of a lifetime experience.

top beaches in greece that you need to go at least once

Navagio (Shipwreck), Zakynthos

This comes as one of the beaches located in Greece whose command on the tourism industry remains remarkable. The Beach attracts a large number of people on holidays and regular days. The name of the beach emanated from a scenario where a ship ran aground in the same location. Up until now, the shipwreck remains a symbol for the beach anywhere. It might interest you to know that this beach is famous for being the most photographed in Greece. The setting and appearance of the location is the main reason behind immense photography.

top beaches in greece that you need to go at least once

Lia, Mykonos

Perhaps all you want is to sunbathe while enjoying a fresh breeze of nature with your loved ones. If that is the case, then you need to visit a quiet beach. Lia is a perfect example of such. It is located in the southwest of Greece, and it makes an ideal place for couples. With the soft golden sands around the beach, you can be assured of an experience that surpasses your expectations.

top beaches in greece that you need to go at least once

Fletia Beach, Mykonos

It does not hurt to spend your time at a remote beach while enjoying swimming. Such an experience can only be found in the Fletia Beach. It is situated in the northern side of the island. Here, you can indulge in swimming or even take some skipping lessons here. The only challenge is that you might have to hire a car or even take a taxi. As mentioned earlier, the beach is located in a remote area. Don't worry though. The experience there is worth it.

top beaches in greece that you need to go at least once

Paleochori, Milos

Maybe all you need is to feel that old experience while enjoying the utmost comfort along the beach. Palioxori is a perfect definition of the aforementioned experience. This beach provides you with ancient ruins alongside traditional fishing villages. Aside from that, the beach offers you with thermal springs. Not to mention the many indulgent experiences that await you here. The best part is that the beach not so congested. This means that you will have all the space you need to indulge. It serves as a perfect place for family vacations, for both local and international tourists.

top beaches in greece that you need to go at least once

Vagia, Serifos

This must be one of the unique beaches you will find in Greece. Here, a strong mining history is held. You might want to inquire on that once you arrive at the beach. Aside from that, the beach has a series of hotels where you and your loved ones can relax and enjoy a great time. A majority of the hotels located along the beach are equipped with soft mattresses and umbrellas to ensure maximum comfort. The open-air that surrounds the beach is an added complement to your experience.

top beaches in greece that you need to go at least once

Fragos (Simos), Elafonisos

What most people may not know is that this is a two-in-one beach. It is, in essence, a long stretch of sand, where people from all over the globe come to visit. Aside from the breath-taking experience of the beach sands, there is also the aspect of nature walking along the same beach. The beach is considered the most ideal especially for those on road trips. You can stop by and enjoy some oceanic breeze. You will love the experience.

top beaches in greece that you need to go at least once

Apantima, Antiparos

Interestingly, it was only recently that this beach began to attract tourists. In the past, the beach remained more like secrete. Great researchers in Greece are believed to embark on their quests along this beach. For the interest of experiencing this unique and recently discovered beach, you might want to visit it someday. The experience along the beach is profoundly elating, and this is why you should consider going there. You can rent boats here and cruise along the Gulf as you enjoy the open air.

top beaches in greece that you need to go at least once

Kolymbithres, Paros

The beach features a unique setting as compared to others in Greece. Small towns along the water stretch characterize it. Aside from that, there is a handful of canoes that you can rent and cruise the beach waters. Over the years, this beach has always been considered as a perfect place for families. You might want to give it a try.

top beaches in greece that you need to go at least once