Are we getting lonelier by the day? The bitter fact of life

By Francesco Vitali
are we getting lonelier by the day? the bitter fact of life

Years back, every person out there was overwhelmed and excited on how fast the world was growing. We sang praises of technology every day until it got widespread. We even moved from our traditional behaviors to modernity, all in the name of going by the changes of time. Little did we know that the outcome would be the source of loneliness. Yes! You heard me right. We are in essence lonely than we think. Some people may not admit that they are indeed alone. Some may deny blatantly that there is no such thing as loneliness in the modern world. It is quite sad that we refuse to face reality and cling to comforting lies.
The aspect of socialism is something that cannot be equated to anything in the world. It is through the social lives that we can overcome stress and face the world with all the confidence. It is through social life that we can make new friends, some of which become of great help in many aspects. It is through social life that one can travel the world and enjoy experiences that are in essence rejuvenating. However, this has become a thing of history since we have decided to redefine socialism.
Let us face it. Social life is not all about going to work and talking with your mates and then heading back home. Social life is not all about interacting with your children and family after a long day of work. What about those who do not have children or relative close to them? That is all a result of defining social life wrongly. If that is what you think about your social life, then you are lying to yourself.
Did you know that the number of children visiting nature parks in different countries across the world has remarkably reduced? Did you also know that the habit of paying a visit to neighbors and other persons of interest has even gone down? Did you also see that theme days/holidays mostly held in African countries have also dwindled remarkably over the years? Have you ever asked yourself why such developments are emerging? Is for the simple fact that modernity is gradually depriving us the social life that we used to enjoy back then. Let us begin by shedding some light on technology and its impacts on social life. Facebook was established barely two decades ago. So far, the membership on Facebook has already gone above 1 billion. Not to mention other social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, and the likes, which have already garnered millions and millions of users. While this is seen as a prime development in the technological front, on the other hand, it is a significant instigator of loneliness in daily life. In essence, what people are doing using such sites is engaging in virtual social life. It is far different from what individuals used to engage in before.
Consider this scenario. An individual on Facebook manages to garner over 5,000 friends. However, in his/her actual life, he/she does not have even ten committed friends not even 2 in most cases. In fact, no one can confirm that he/she has met all the 5,000 friends he/she has on Facebook. Does that ring a bell now? That is precisely how lonely we are living today. We comfort ourselves from having too many friends on Facebook, but we do not have actual friends who we can interact with physically. It is even hard for us to know our next-door neighbor directly because we meet online.

How about our children? Parents are now buying gadgets for their children in the name of making them feel modern and in line with the new trends. Well, there is nothing wrong with that, but there is still something that is of concern with such a move. What parents do not know is that they are depriving their children of the social life that they need so much. Gone are the days when children would run around the estate with other neighbors’ children. Gone are the days when children would make new friends every day through constant interaction. This is for the simple fact that they are too much glued to their gadget playing games. Did you know that even siblings in the same house do not interact as they should just because they are too much into their gadgets?
The tradition of education is also not the same again. Today, virtual training is what that is transpiring. All you need is to book your classes online and submit everything through the same. Well, this is a point of convenience to many. However, there is the downside in the sense that virtual learning is killing interactions and social life by the day. Some of us can confirm that they made a majority of their friends in school. We could interact with each other in handling assignments. We could go on fun excursions and have all the good times together. That is no longer the case. As long as you have your virtual classes, there is no need to move out of the house. And this is to some extent sad.
So, what is loneliness likely to cause? A lonely person is expected to grow into an introvert gradually. Even children tend to increase in an anti-social mindset. Aside from that, loneliness is a significant health threat. Research has confirmed that loneliness is worse than obesity and other diseases. It is a threat to the health of the mind. Severe mental illness in my humble opinion. Stress is bound to strike a person who tends to keep to himself/herself. Even if you turn your television for consolation, the fact remains that you are lonely. If only people knew the outcome of a lonely life, they could rush back to the old traditions. Modernity is gradually killing us. That is the unfortunate truth that we must face and make the necessary moves to bring things to rest. Social life is better than monetary wealth.